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This land that is a mixture of flavors, textures and emotions; it is the cradle of our social movement by uniting as a community for fair and respectful exchange and putting a stop to the unfair community discourse that we currently experience throughout the state.


It is important to open spaces for us as Oaxaqueños for our people to prevent outsiders from coming to squeeze us. While the government cares about proliferating by making Oaxaca a show, we are at an important point of opening these spaces where we take control (of our resources, customs, and image).

We know that an endless number of national and international people have come to Oaxaca to exploit our resources, customs, and image.


We want to avoid opening the doors to people who are already taking advantage of their social, political and economic positions. We want to open the doors to ourselves.



One of the main objectives of Tierra Mariposa is to raise awareness within the same space and receive creators with an ethical thought, Tierra Mariposa is not a business and at all costs we will avoid alliances with classist organizations, disguised as exchange.

Tierra Mariposa in the present we are all and all of us who coexist here.

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