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Workshop: Game and Clay
Workshop: Game and Clay

Sun, Apr 02


Tierra Mariposa Workshop

Workshop: Game and Clay

FREE: Workshop at Tierra Mariposa; 3 year celebration

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Time & Location

Apr 02, 2023, 11:00 AM CST

Tierra Mariposa Workshop, Santa Cruz Papalutla, Oax., Mexico

About the event

Tierra mariposa turns three learning from Santa Cruz Papalutla, what started as a dream of individual space became a communal space.


Almost 9 years ago I heard my call to this earth, before then I was confused, deaf, dizzy, sad. I have had contact with ceramics, I knew that it was an expensive material to work with, I tried it in different parts, obtaining negative results in order to achieve my objective of having it as a practice.


I worked in other spaces with a lot of dedication and affection, because with passion they called me to this world and it is something that always guides me. However, a part of me was still thirsty, the first year of my little Demian's life I remember hugging him tight and promising to be a happy mother, throwing myself into the arena of creation to be his example and seek happiness and always give myself opportunities, be kind to myself and redirect the boat if necessary.


While taking a stroll along the tourist walkway I received an invitation to a ceramics workshop and I attended. The workshop was in Atzompa.


Atzompa was a key place to explore the material, I worked with four artisans from that community before arriving with the teachers who helped me not only understand, undertake, think and accommodate my life around clay.

My dream has always been and will be to have my space where I can go crazy in my creation, because it is always different, sometimes you need company, sometimes you don't want to see anyone, sometimes you cry a lot, laugh, ask for silence, makes music.


Tierra Mariposa is the space that also opens up space just as spaces were opened for me and it is the greatest lesson that I keep from my mentors, clay is divine, it is a giver of life, of spirit, clay is noble and it provides for everyone like the infinite morning sun.


Let's celebrate Tierra Mariposa with this clay modeling workshop for girls and boys from the town of Santa Cruz Papalutla. With the objective of sharing an hour and a half of games, modeling in clay making community, expressing our emotions through movement, game and clay.


Workshop participants:

Miguel Ángel Cruz Ángeles & Martha Alicia Jimenez Sánchez

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